FastTT Aero Bars conform to current UCI regulations ('CLARIFICATION GUIDE OF THE UCI TECHNICAL REGULATION' (17.01.2021 version). The following visual provides dimensions for FastTT Aero Bars and details the UCI specifications.

UCI regulations_measurements aero bars web

Rider safety is a priority for us. FastTT Aero Bars exceed the ISO-4210 safety standards required by the UCI and World Triathlon. For more information on our ISO strength certification please email us.

In addition to extensive road testing on some of the roughest coarse chip roads imaginable, our bars have been tested in an ISO certified test laboratory in Germany. In addition to the required UCI strength tests, our bars undergo a number of more extensive tests to ensure that all FastTT Aero Bars are super strong and safe.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure the information on our website is accurate and correct, UCI and World Triathlon regulations and rules are reviewed and updated from time to time. It is the customer's sole responsibility to ensure familiarity with the latest rules and regulations regarding the use and fitment of aero bars and associated components.