Our TriĀ aeroĀ bars are anatomically optimised for comfort, control and optimised forĀ maximum speedĀ onĀ the bike leg. Perfect for longĀ distance IM events like Kona.

Tri aero bar features
Tri bar features
Tri bar features

"Tri and TT bikes usually get pushed around a lot by the wind. With FastTT Aero Bars, the front end is noticeably more stable and controllable in cross and cross-head winds."Ā 

Wayne Attwell
Lead Designer & Test Rider -Ā


NOTE: Our bars are NOT supplied with pre-drilled bolt holes. Pre-drilled holes can severely limit your setup options. The FastTTĀ mounting system allows you to position your new bars exactly to your personal fitment and position.

You or your fitter will need to drill the mounting bolts holes in the base pad. It's not difficult, but it does require a bit more technical input. Click here to view aero bar installation guides for more detail.