Tri BTA Bottle Bracket


The most versatile BTA hydration bottle bracket!

Our reversible BTA Tri Bottle Bracket allows for a wide range of positions for your hydration system or water bottle. Enables you to position your bottle forward, centre or back according to your preferred setup. You can even set it up extreme rearward, just like the pro’s.

  • 60mm forward/back and 80mm left/right adjustment
  • Compatible with popular BTA triathlon hydration systems as well as standard water bottles and cages
  • Available in 190mm (most fitments) and 240mm width (suits Profile Design clip-on brackets)
  • Raise your bottle above your arms by using our optional 30mm Tri Bottle Spacers
  • Includes 2x M5 mounting bolts and nuts
  • 3D printed in tough industrial grade GF PA12 nylon

For a more aggressive rearward setup, we have our Extreme Rearward BTA Bracket – CLICK HERE