Tall Stack Bridge


If you run a tall spacer stack (>50mm) then our Tall Stack Bridge is strongly recommended for safety reasons.

  • Binds the two mounting stacks at the top
  • Provides stability and additional strength
  • Compatible with our Universal Mounting System
  • 3D printed in tough industrial grade nylon

Available in 140mm and 177mm width to suit all bikes. Click here to learn how to measure for the correct size bridge.



Safety is a concern with the modern trend towards aggressive bar angles and tall mounting stacks. Excessively tall stacks can produce a dangerous amount of flex, compromising rider safety and the ability to generate power on the bike. We believe that any mounting stack >50-60mm should have some sort of binding element or bridge at the top.

Our Tall Stack Bridge is installed above the spacers and immediately below the angled posts. The end paddles are designed to accommodate hole-centre variations from 15mm to 38mm. If you run a narrower bolt pattern than the full width of the bridge allows, you can simply trim off the excess nylon for a neat and tidy finish.