IMPORTANT: Due to the corrosive nature of perspiration and moisture on the cockpit area of the bike, we recommend that you apply anti-seize thread compound to all bolt threads before installation. Check the condition of bolts regularly and replace if there are any signs of corrosion. Failure to follow this recommendation may result in seized and damaged bolts.

Tri Aero Bar Installation Guide (PDF 11.1MB)

TT Aero Bar Installation Guide (PDF 11.4MB)

Adjustable Angled Riser Installation Guide (PDF 2.7MB)

P5 3T Aduro Adapter Installation Guide (PDF 3MB)

Cervelo S5 Adapter Installation Guide (PDF 1.3MB)

Tri Bottle Bracket & Spacer Installation Guide (PDF 2MB)

Mono Riser Adapter Installation Guide (PDF 6MB)

Reversible Extender Plate Installation Guide (PDF 2MB)

1x Chain Guide Installation Guide (PDF 786KB)

OSPW Rear Derailleur Installation Guide (PDF 813KB)