FastTT carbon aero bars are designed with a single purpose.


Triathlon bars - aero bars

An integrated carbon aero bar system optimised for speed, control and comfort. Designed for athletes that take their Triathlon, TT and Track seriously.

Our carbon Tri Aero Bars are perfect for all triathlons including Ironman¼ and World Triathlon ‘draft illegal' events. Suitable for most Tri bikes, including the latest models with mono riser mounting systems.

carbon tt handlebars

Our UCI legal TT Aero Bars provide an ergonomically optimised fit to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency and minimal drag. This also improves stability and aero efficiency in cross winds.

Pursuit Aero Bars

Improve your track performance with our UCI legal carbon Track Pursuit Aero Bars. Our ergonomically designed Finger Hooks are supplied with these bars to give you optimum grip, control and acceleration in kilo and pursuit events.

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"The bars are really great. I was able to set them up exactly the way I was after. Being able to customise the length and width, plus the wide range of options for adjusting tilt angle and height is fantastic."

Jared Hamilton
Triathlete, Australia

FastTT aero bars will fit most Tri and TT bikes

FastTT Aero Bars will bolt directly onto all bikes that are fitted with bolted-on elbow cups, including mono-riser and twin-post systems. In fact they will fit almost every bike!

Need help selecting the right products?

Need help selecting the correct products for your bike? Our Product Selection Guide has all the information you need!


For your peace of mind and confident purchasing, if you order our aero bars and they don’t fit your bike, or you change your mind, you can return them to us for a no arguments refund (see our Warranty & Returns page). If you are still uncertain about fitting FastTT Aero Bars to your bike, please email us -

Our aero bars are not pre-drilled. They have a large flat mounting base area that enables you to position them in a wide range of placements to fit your exact setup. With extensive left/right, forward/back, inwards/outwards options you're not restricted to a pre-drilled setup that may not suit you. The visual below shows just how versatile FastTT Aero Bars are!

Plus, our range of mounting accessories let you adjust height and angle as much as you want.

aero bar mounting angles