Our aerobars are anatomically optimised for maximum speed, control and athlete comfort. 

Tri and TT bars

Our advanced composite FastTT Aerobars provide a slim and ergonomically optimised fit to ensure maximum aerodynamic efficiency and minimal drag. Independent aero testing showed a saving of 11-16watts over standard cups and extension poles at 43kph-50kph.

The side profile is optimised to eliminate the gaps between arm and bar that interrupt airflow and sap power, common with most traditional extension bars. This improves stability and aero efficiency in cross winds.

Our aerobars incorporate a number of unique innovative features that make them stand out from many other aero bar systems.

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Common questions we get asked:

"Tri and TT bikes usually get pushed around a lot by the wind. With FastTT Aero Bars, the front end is noticeably more stable and controllable in cross and cross-head winds." Read more...

Wayne Attwell
Lead Designer & Test Rider -