This page has a range of helpful resources to assist you in selecting the best products and mounting accessories for your bike.

IMPORTANT: Regardless of the information contained in this page and any downloadable guides, it is the customers responsibility to check the dimensions of our products for compatibility with your bike BEFORE ordering. FastTT is NOT responsible for incorrectly ordered items.

 Setting up popular bikes with FastTT aero bars

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NOTE: These guides are for the primary purpose of installing FastTT Aero Bars and may not contain adequate information regarding fitting components of other brands. Please check compatibility with your bike before ordering.

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Bolt Length Guide (PDF 620KB)

Product Selection Guide (PDF 3.2MB)

BTA Bottle Guide (PDF 1.6MB)

Aero Bars Dimensions (PDF 300KB)

Accessory Dimensions (PDF 1.1MB)

Click here to watch a short video overview of the FastTT aero bar installation procedure.

Click here for information and resources for the 2023 UCI rules and regulations.