Will FastTT aero handlebars fit my bike?

FastTT is the most versatile aero handlebar system available. Our universal bolt & ride mounting system enables easy installation of our aero bars to virtually any bike model, including mono-riser and twin-post systems. Plus, no mounting holes are required to be drilled in the bars.

Before you purchase your carbon aero handlebars it's important to plan how you will mount them, in order to include the correct spacers, angled wedges and mounting bolts in your order.

The following information will assist you in making the best product choice. For all of the following installation options YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE the appropriate length and diameter bolts to suit your setup. Click here for bolts.

The following are the most common mounting options for Tri and TT bikes...


Our bars will bolt to the existing twin riser spacers, plus you can add our adjustable angled riser for easy adjustment to bar angle. Alternatively you can replace the original OEM spacers with our spacer kit for a neat and streamlined finish.

When installing FastTT Aero Bars the original extension bars and elbow cups would be removed.

Click to read more about fitting FastTT Aero Bars to twin riser stacks.



We have adapter plates for most bikes with mono risers, which replace the original cup/bar bracket - learn more. Alternatively, you can mount our bars directly to the brackets where the elbow cups were originally mounted. Depending on your bike model you may require our adjustable angled riser to create the correct angle for your arms (some models have angle adjustment in the mono riser unit).

Height can be adjusted by changing the spacers supplied with your bike, extending the mono riser post, or fitting our spacer kit.

Click to read more about fitting FastTT Aero Bars to mono riser stacks.



If you are mounting to round bars with bolt-on wing brackets you can generally adjust the angle of the brackets on the base bar to create the required angle for your arms. In this installation example the extension bars and elbow cups would be removed.

To achieve the correct bar height you may need to add spacers between the bars and the brackets.

Click to read more about fitting FastTT Aero Bars to bolt-on wing brackets.

aero bars bracket installation

We offer a range of mounting accessories to make your fitment easier, and enable you to fine tune it to your personal setup.


Perfect for fine tuning your setup with mounting angle adjustment from 10° to 25° Fits a wide range of base mount bolt patterns to suit most Tri, TT and track pursuit bikes.

Learn more - CLICK HERE


Adjustable angled riser


Our spacers are designed to give you multiple options for setting bar height and we also offer base bar adapter spacers for several bike models. Spacers are available in a range of heights to suit your preferred riding position. In addition, they have a channel down the back edge to insert the shifter wire neatly out of the way.

Spacers are available in 5mm, 10mm and 20mm options.

To view our full range of spacers - CLICK HERE

Tri bar mounting spacers


Ideal for Triathletes wanting to get into an aggressive forward position over the front wheel. Also enables riders competing under the 2023 UCI reach rules to set their bars right out to the new limits. Perfect for taller TT riders in height categories 2&3.

Provides up to approximately 65mm additional forward extension.

Forward extender bracket landscape


Our reversible extender plates allow for a wider range of additional setup positions for your Tri, TT or kilo/pursuit bars.

Ideal for extra narrow or wide fitment, or when you want to maximise the forward position of your bars.

Perfect for triathlon bikes where top-mount hydro bottles require extra space. 

Reversible extender brackets_fit


For your peace of mind and confident purchasing, if you order our carbon aero handlebars and they don’t fit your bike, or you change your mind, you can return them to us for a no arguments refund (see our Warranty & Returns page). If you are still uncertain about fitting FastTT Aero Bars to your bike, please email us.

The following examples illustrate how you can install FastTT Aero Bars directly to the base bar or to bolt-on wing brackets. They also show how to make use of our adjustable angled risers and spacers to create a personalised fitment for your riding position.

triathlon bars with base bar

Base bar with brackets - Can be mounted to bolt-on wing brackets that attach to the base bar

triathlon bars with road brackets

Standard road bars - Our aero bars WILL FIT road bars if they have a round section at the stem area to attach bolt-on wing brackets

tt handlebars with base bar spacers wedges

Base bar with mounting holes - Can be mounted directly to a base bar that has flat mounting pads with bolt holes

triathlon bars with aero road bars

Aero road bars - Our bars WILL NOT FIT aero road bars that have a curved top surface (Will only fit Cervelo S5 - click for details)

Our universal bolt & ride mounting system provides a wide range of adjustment.

The unique FastTT universal bolt & ride mounting system allows you to easily make a wide range of position adjustments. Extensive left/right, forward/backward adjustment to suit all athlete sizes, plus up to 40 degrees inward/outward adjustment to allow for your preferred hand and elbow position.

aero bar mounting angles


You also get free shipping on any accessories when you INCLUDE them with your bar order.

NOTE: If you order accessories SEPARATELY in a different order there is a shipping charge, so please ensure you order your accessories WITH your aero bars to get free shipping on all items.

If you have any questions about mounting your bars, please email us. It's helpful if you include photos of your cockpit and current mounting setup.


For triathlon we offer a hydration bottle bracket system that allows you to position your bottle forward, centre or back according to your preferred setup. With our 30mm tri bottle spacers you can raise your bottle above your arms for maximum comfort and arm clearance.

tri BTA hydration bottle bracket
tri BTA bottle bracket with Profile Design hydro system
tri BTA bracket with standard bottle
tri hydro bottle bracket spacers


Our Tri and TT bars feature our unique adjustable computer mount. It ensures your computer can be set straight irrespective of inward/outward bar angle, by turning the computer mount to the desired position and tightening the fixing screws.

computer mount diagram2