"The most ergonomic and comfortable aero bar.... It’s the very best."
Dan Empfield, CEO Slowtwitch.com Magazine

“The FastTT aero bars are not only light but also very comfortable. I can keep my forearms resting on the bars. Details that make a big difference when I have to stay on the bike for 180km.”

Rodolfo Oliveira - Triathlete and Professional Coach, Brazil

“Wow what a difference the Tri bars made! They are exceptional. Never felt so comfortable and in control. The more I ride with them, the better everything feels.”

Scott Harpham - Pro Triathlete, New Zealand

"On the ride the bars are incredibly comfortable and the computer tower is a great idea. A must have!"

Michel Morret - AG Triathlete, Switzerland

"I showed my client the aero bars on the fit bike and he took all of 60 seconds to decide to buy. He loves the bars."

Michael Baker - Custom Bike Fit, Australia

"First race on the new set up yesterday. Amazing comfort in aero. Laid down a great bike split in terms of power and held higher speed for same power. The FastTT aero bars have definitely allowed me to get longer and flatter, therefore faster." 

Brett Sparnon - Triathlete, Australia

"Really impressed with the service and products." 

John Woodward - Cycling Development Specialists, New Zealand

"These bars are insane! Its amazing how much they improve comfort in the TT position." 

Tom McKean - Triathlete, Australia

"A very first quality material in both comfort and performance. The best aero bars!" 

Klenilson Nóbrega - Klenilson Bike Fit, Brazil

"These aero bars are really great. I was able to set them up exactly the way I was after. Being able to customise the length and width, plus the wide range of options for adjusting tilt angle and height is fantastic."

Jared Hamilton - Triathlete, Australia

“Assembly was very simple and the end result is incredibly perfect. The bike was previously fitted with [competitors aero bars] but these are simply much better and more beautiful.”

Viliam Boor CykloAgent, Slovakia

"Thank you Wayne! The bars have been an absolute game changer!! Thank you for putting this out into the world"

Joshua Lee - Triathlete, Singapore

"The test athlete's perception of the FastTT aero bars is that they give a significant improvement in comfort and security, and this comfort is translated into a lower heart rate at any given power. This could further improve the cyclist’s performance because the FastTT aero bars allow the power output to be increased for the same internal physiological stress."

Bernardo Goncalves - Aero Specialist @ AeroEdge, Portugal

“Tested our the new FastTT front end for the first time today. I must say, well worth the upgrade.”

Nathan Martin - Triathlete and Professional Coach, New Zealand

“Can't imagine life without my FastTT bars now!”

Kirsty Sheehan - Elite AG Triathlete, Australia

“After testing the super FastTT Time Trial Aero Bars, I found they’re very comfortable. They give an incredible feeling of control and security."

Octávio Cardoso - BlackBulls Cycling Team, Portugal

“The bars were awesome, very comfortable yet fast.”

Fajar Afar - Triathlete, Indonesia